History of Krakow

Established in 7th century Krakow is now one of the most willingly visited towns in Europe. Located in picturesque region, on the banks of Vistula River, the city enchants tourists every year with its history and thousands of legends. Despite Krakow is not the capital city for almost 500 years, many still consider it as the cultural and artisctic center of Poland. Also 750 years ago in Krakow the first Polish university was founded. The most notable Jagiellonian University graduates are: Nicolas Copernicus, John Paul II and recipient of Nobel Prize in Literature Wisława Szymborska.

In the past, Krakow was known as the city of 100 churches. Now, apart from great monuments in the Old Town, you can find over 200 restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs, bistros and cafes. The night life is not only parties. You can also enjoy traditional Polish cuisine, live folk music, theatrical performances, evening strolls in the historic alleys or dishes from around the world. Everyone will surely find something interesting in Krakow!


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