Places worth seeing

Main Market Squere

Starting off your trip you can’t miss the best known part of the Old Town - Main Market Square. In the very center you can see Sukiennice, a 16th century Cloth Hall where u can still buy all the hand-crafts straight from the stalls! Walking out you will meet Adam Mickiewicz, or rather his most known statue. He was a great 19th century poet – basically the Polish Homer! Adam Mickiewicz Statue is most recognisable meeting point in the town, as it is situated between Sukiennice and St. Mary Basilica – the most famous Cracovian church. You probably know the rather bloody legend of 2 brothers building the church towers. The less talented one became jelaous of his brother’s work and killed him with a knife, which you can still see in the Cloth Hall hanging from the ceiling. Every day from the tallest tower the Hejnał is played. It is a trumpet tune that is related to another bloody legend. The story took place in 13th century, when Krakow was attacked by Tatars. The sentry who was playing the trumpet call was hit by an arrow of the invaders and therefore the Hejnał ends abruptly ever since.  The Old Town also features beautiful Gothic Town Hall and a nearby sculpture of Eros Bound – a giant head statue.  

Wawel Hill

Even though the architecture is quite mixed-up and a lot of valuables were stolen during the course of history, Wawel Castle is still considered as a national pride. That’s where Polish rulers lived for over 500 years. Other Wawel Hill must-see highlights are: Wawel Cathedral including the giant bell named Zygmunt (one of the world's largest of its kind), Crown Treasury and Armoury where you can admire insignia of royal power, variety of valuables and official state belongings and Royal Crypts. Also, a must-experience is the Dragon statue situated on the Vistula River embankments in front of the Dragon’s Den, city’s most known cave.

Kazimierz – Old Jewish District

While visiting Krakow, you simply have to see this part of the city. For many centuries Kazimierz was a separate town built entirely for Jews who were granted the freedom of warship. King Kazimierz decided to invite the Jews fleeing from Western Europe, where they had been accused of causing the Plague. Nowadays Kazimierz is known for its artistic atmosphere and a non-commercial look. Among the must see places there are Szeroka Street and few synagogues: Old Synagogue, Synagogue Remuh, Isaac Synagogue, Temple Synagogue and Kupa Synagogue. All those historic places meet with lovely cafes, restaurants and bars all over Plac Nowy. Kazimierz is a place full of vibe, where history mixes with a modern life.

Oskar Schindler's Factory

Situated in Podgórze District, this museum has been nominated in National Geographic's contest for the "7 New Wonders of Poland". The museum tells the story of Oskar Schindler and the Jewish prisoners of Płaszów Camp who were the inspiration for Steven Spielberg's hit movie, "Schindler's List."

Jagiellonian University

Krakow is also the educational centre of Poland. Story begun in 1364 when Jagiellonian University was established – as the first one in Poland and the second one in Eastern Europe. Currently it is consists of several campuses and academies in various parts of the city, but a few worth seeing points are just minutes away from the Market Square. Collegium Maius – the university’s oldest building and home to its museum – breath taking and stunning architecture, and still in use for its students! Around the corner you’ll find the beautiful Collegium Novum, which now serves as an administrative center.

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