herb Drogomir

Komorowski Luxury Guest Rooms is located on Długa street which has been historically documented since 1690, although its development started at the beginning of 20. century. The building in which Komorowski Luxury Guest Rooms is located has been a family heritage since then, but modernized with all the amenities to make your stay unforgettable.

The trademark of Komorowski Luxury Guest Rooms is the 12thcentury Drogomir coat of arms featuring three legs in the middle, topped with a royal crown. The origins of this coat of arms date back to the reign of Prince Boleslaw III the Wry-Mouthed at the time of Polish-German wars in 1109. It was in the battle on Psie Pole that the Drogomir and his three sons fought for their country.

During the battle, each of Drogomir’s sons lost a leg. Rewarding the knights’ bravery and alleviating father’s pain Prince Boleslaw III the Wry-Mouthed bestowed the family a coat of arms with a name derived from the name of the father. Since the 12thCentury, the coat of arms became universally defined: “In the red foreground three armed legs, the knees bent, legs in the middle of a shield connected and arranged like a star, one up, two down.”

Mindful of the family’s history and simultaneously using exclusive 21st century amenities fir for royalty, Komorowski Luxury Guest Rooms has been created. Each of the rooms are designed in a modern style and decorated in Art Deco fashion referring with their black, red, and white color scheme to the Polish national colors, as well as the Komorowski family crest, Drogomir.

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